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 Mars Attacks


"Sir Bringsit"

I was inspired by the "Men of Iron" book cover done by Howard Pyle.

 I just did this one on Friday, August 13 with Photoshop.

Maybe I should start a side business doing animal and or people portrait paintings.

Done on Wednesday the 21st. I have been trying to keep the paintings loose and as painterly as I can allow myself.


Here is the latest painting of my girlfriend Crystal in
a beautiful aerial display of grace on the silks.   Spilt  Sugar, 
shot the excellent reference for this piece.


"Blood Born" Cover art

Book author: Keith Ledoux

detail of "Blood Born"

"Robot dancer" 




"The Dutchman"

detail of "The Dutchman"


(for larger view see slide show gallery and click view all images.)





"Hot Under the collar"  ( Spawn Endgame contest finalist ) 




"Sons of Anarchy" painting 

"Danny Devito" painting

"Tour Dafoe"


Found cool lit pic and painted.